One-hundred percent of our "Himeji Moringa" is grown with great care within Himeji city. No pesticides are used during the cultivation. After the moringa leaves are delicately removed from the plant, they are washed and undergo a careful selection process. These select leaves are then dried at a low temperature. Using purified air during the pulverization process, we are able to create our high-quality moringa powder.

Online Sales

Our original product line includes Moringa Powder, Moringa Tea among others.
We offer our products through local retail establishments as well as online stores, making our moringa products available nation-wide in Japan.

Wholesale Market

We also offer our Moringa Powder at wholesale for restaurants who would like to create signature dishes with our "Himeji Moringa" brand products.

Marketing & Promotion

From spreading the word through our regional website to event planning and sales promotion events—we are committed to helping businesses and restaurants looking to promote "Himeji Moringa".